Photographic art refers to artistic work created through the use of digital (computer) technology (more).

Photo Art is the product of a creative process. A "snap shot", a photo, is just that, a copy of what is in front of the camera and it may or may not capture the magic of the moment. In Photographic Art, a photo element is incorporated in the final art as it is transformed by the artist feelings and vision

As Robert Bateman said, "Photography is Art!" (Robert Bateman. October 11th 2012 Sidney Fine Arts Show - Keynote address).

The Photo art I create is based on what we see in our everyday life, whether a flower in a field, a smile of a little girl, a spring landscape, a wild bird, or a balcony in an old town.

If you like my art and would like to purchase some, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope you enjoy your visit and explore my gallery and the online store.
NOTE: All images on this site are in low resolution specifically for display on the Internet. Purchased printed images are high-resolution, excellent quality prints and they do not include any visible copyright or watermark, beside my signature.

All my photoart on canvas are original, limited editions, not large number reproductions (giclee) of originals.
Pandemic update

The Covid pandemic has had an enormous impact on the art community at large.

Nonetheless, over the last 2 years, I have been able to continue pursuing my love of photography and photo art. While I have not been able to travel internationally or very far from home, the beautiful area we live in provides lost of inspiration. During the last two years I also discovered the hidden beauty of birds and explored bird photography.

American robin - This photograph was juried and shown at the Sooke Fine Art Show in 2021
Red Breasted Sapsucker - This photograph was juried and shown at the Sooke Fine Art Show in 2021
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Ruby Crowned Kinglet. This beautiful bird paid me a rare visit and was kind enough to stop long enough for a portrait session
SALTSPRING SUNSET - *This photograph was juried and shown at the Sidney Fine Art Show in 2015.
Silva Bay Marina - Full Moon - July 2016
WESTCOAST SUNSET - * This photoart was juried and shown at the Sooke Fine Art Show in 2016
Dragon boat
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Dragon boating under a full moon (July 2016)
THE DANCE - *This photograph was juried and shown at the Sidney Fine Art Show in 2015
Retreating tides
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North Pender
Sea blue


Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, I was honoured and excited to have some of my work juried and accepted into the virtual Sooke Fine Arts Show 2020 and 2021. My submission for 2021were American Robin in winter and Red Breasted Sapsucker.

In 2022, some of my more recent work was again accepted into the "live", post-pandemic, Arts Show. Thank you to all the organizers and supporters for such high quality show.

My 2022 submissions were "Mama's Love" and "Surfers". The framed print "Mama's Love" sold on the first day of the show!

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NOTE: All my photo art on canvas are original, limited editions, and not large number reproductions (or giclee) of originals.